Schedule & Materials

Live lectures schedule

In the table bellow is a list of planned live lectures.

Date Start Speaker Topic URL
April 21th 10 AM MUDr. Tomáš Nedělka, Ph.D. Neurophysiology Live stream

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Off-line resources

Pre-recoded lectures and other materials

Some of the lectures are pre-recorded, some are available as slides. For details look at the table bellow.

Topic Author URL
Mass Casualty Prehospital Management Prof. Kobi Peleg, PhD, MPH Download
Basic Techniques in Biochemical Laboratory MUDr. Daniela Obitková Download
Fundamentals of Laboratory Techniques in Hematology MUDr. Daniela Obitková Download
Blackouts as a threat for healthcare facilities prof. Ing. Josef Tlustý, CSc. Preface & Presentation
Carbohydrate biomaterials in biomedicine.
The present and the future
RNDr. Pavla Bojarová, Ph.D. Download
Leksell Gamma Knife Icon in the Czech Republic Ing. Josef Novotný Jr., Ph.D. Download


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